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Health & Help Chat invites you to join the Parenting Chat Room, forums and social network. The intention was to offer parents, guardians, and anyone raising a child or children a venue to come together to seek and give support, share experiences, and have a healthy vent to fellow parents/guardians who truly understand how difficult, tiring, rewarding, joyful and exhausting raising children can be.

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Parenting without a doubt is complex and often very frustrating. Whether you're a single parent raising a child on your own, a stay-at-home parent, a two-parent household where both of you work, grandparents who suddenly found yourselves raising wee ones again, or the plethora of different types of families out there, Health & Help Chat is the place for you to come and discuss parenting issues of all kinds, create new friendships and hopefully have a laugh, as, let's face it, kids can be very funny sometimes!

Parenting is an ever growing process that constantly changes as you and your children go through different stages of life. Health & Help Chat is here to offer our Parenting Chat Room, forum and social network to help you along this, your most important life's journey.

This Parenting Chat Room, these parenting forums, and the parenting network offer you the opportunity to share your parenting symptoms with others.

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