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Health & Help Chat has created this webpage specifically for peer support for those individuals worldwide who have or are suffering from one of the many forms of cancer, or love someone who is. Here, you will find others who can empathize with the poisonous attack that your cure has inflicted on your body; the hope turning to hopelessness and back again many times, the fear, the uncertainty, the sheer determination and human strength that only someone dealing with cancer treatment can possibly begin to understand. Health & Help Chat welcomes you to this cancer support community and we hope that you utilize our Cancer Chat Room, cancer forums, and our cancer social network to begin to offer and receive caring support from peers around the globe.

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If you can, the best way to cope with cancer is around family and friends. People who are there for you no matter what, understand the hardships you're going through best. People with cancer want to be treated normally, but also to be able to talk about how they feel, on their own time and when they are comfortable. Being there for them when they need it, is crucial toward a healthy disposition. With cancer comes pain, fear, frustrations and feelings of unfairness & grief. Everyone deals with these emotions differently, and require different levels of care. This a place for people to better cope with feelings they experience through cancer, and for others to learn how to better support those they love with cancer.

Unfortunately, cancer is the leading cause of death for all people, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic class and age. In fact, according to, "cases of cancer doubled globally between 1975 and 2000, will double again by 2020, and will nearly triple by 2030, says the report. There were an estimated 12 million new cancer diagnoses..." Some cancers are a direct effect of lifestyle choices such as smoking, tanning or chewing tobacco, but many cases seem to come from nowhere at all. Celebrities such as the late Dana Reeve, for example, were diagnosed with lung cancer after having never smoked cigarettes. Whatever the cause, however, no one deserves this life-altering possibly fatal disease, and everyone who has been sadly diagnosed with it deserves a caring and friendly support network; which is why Health & Help Chat's cancer support society has been created.

In researching for this site, Health & Help Chat turned to other websites such as,, " out of two men and women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime." There are more than 30 types of cancer possible today, the most commonly diagnosed being, "... lung (1.61 million, 12.7% of the total), breast (1.38 million, 10.9%)." The same website states that, " 2030, there will be almost 21.4 million new cases [of cancer] diagnosed annually..." Other types of cancer such as, thyroid, melanoma (skin cancer) ovarian, bladder and brain cancer are not as common, but are often just as severe and life-threatening. The bottom line is, cancer is a disease that knows no boundaries, can strike anyone at anytime, and is always to be taken seriously.

As so many of you already know, there is so much hope out there for survival. According to, "From 1995 -2001 the five year survival rate for bladder cancer was approximately 81.9 %." The same site offers that 57% of men who had been diagnosed with bladder cancer were living cancer-free five years later, and women with breast cancer have a five-year survival rate of, "86% and the 10 year survival rate is 76%." Seeking medical attention, vaccines such as HPV and having regular screenings have helped increase the survival rates, particularly involving cervical cancer, which has a 72% five-year survival rate and prostate cancer whose five-year survival rate is 100%.

In looking at the above information, you are obviously not isolated in your battle. Perhaps you are in remission now, and wish to offer your story of hope to someone who is in the thick of their own fight against this enemy. Perhaps you are looking for a supportive shoulder to lean on when you need it most. This cancer peer support society offers you not only a Cancer Chat Room, but cancer forums and a cancer social network where you can begin to meet, greet share and support with others.

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