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Health & Help Chat is aware of the large population around the world that is hearing impaired. Although hearing loss is technically considered a disability, those of you who live with either complete or partial hearing loss know what an archaic idea that really is. With the use of sign language, lip reading and computers, a person who is deaf has many of the same advantages as anyone living in the hearing world. The philosophy of Health & Help Chat is that, along with professional medical help, there is power in numbers. Due to this belief, we are here to offer you this portion of the website dedicated to the hearing impaired population. Please utilize our Hearing Impaired Chat Room, these hearing impaired forums, and this hearing impaired social network to connect with a community of your peers.

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There are three basic types of hearing loss based on which part of the auditory system has been damaged; conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. There are also seven different degrees of hearing loss ranging from, "normal," to, "profound." Furthermore, there are different configurations of hearing loss, including bilateral versus unilateral, and progressive versus sudden hearing loss. ( Although a majority of those living with any type of hearing impairment lose their ability to hear with age, statistics show that, "...12 out of every 1,000 persons with hearing impairment is under 18 years of age."1 These facts and statistics only go to show that there are so many people in this world living with all different types, degrees and configurations of hearing loss, and so many people affected may feel all alone when they are the only member of their families or friends who is or has recently become hearing impaired. The goal of Health & Help Chat is to connect a society of peers together to support one another through perhaps unexpectedly becoming deaf and learning how to navigate through a silent world, or for those that have been living with hearing loss for many years and merely wish to connect with others who are also hearing impaired. Whatever type, degree or configuration of hearing loss you have, we urge you to enter this hearing impaired peer community to both give and gain support.

This Hearing Loss Chat Room, these hearing loss forums, and this hearing loss social network have been constructed to unite you to a world of your peers. We recommend that you enter and begin your journey into this online peer support hearing loss society. We encourage you to meet, greet, share and support with others around the world.

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