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Health & Help Chat takes a moment to acknowledge the serious nature of phobias. Here, we do not discriminate or judge, no matter what your phobia may be. We understand the anxiety, and all of the many symptoms of anxiety that are associated with having a phobia, not to mention how much phobias such as agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) can interfere with work, school and even our most sacred and cherished personal relationships. Oftentimes family and friends simply cannot understand the way it feels to fear something that seems so completely irrational to them, but is so terrifingly real to the sufferer.We are here to offer a supportive environment where you may come to feel understood, accepted and welcomed in our Phobia Support Chat Room.

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In the US alone, phobias affect 6.3 million Americans. There are many different or 'specific' types of phobias. In fact, The American Psychiatric Association recognizes more than 100 phobias. Some of the more common ones include: Arachnophobia (fear of spiders), Acrophobia (fear of heights) and Claustrophobia, (fear of being in confined spaces). The degrees of symptoms range from feeling annoyed or, at their most severe, debilitating. When coming face to face with the source of your fear, you may experience extreme anxiety which can sometimes lead to trembling, shortness of breath, palpitations, feeling dizzy and even chest pains.

If you have a phobia that interferes with a normal social or working life, it's time to get treatment. The right kind of therapy can often lessen your anxiety and may diminish or even remove the phobia. How Are Phobias Treated?

Though some phobias are never completely cured, there are ways your doctor can help you get a handle on your phobias: referring you to a therapist, for example, or prescribing medication. It’s important to seek help and get treatment for phobias. A person whose phobia goes untreated may become withdrawn, depressed, and unable to be in social situations.

Health & Help Chat understands that carrying the burden of a phobia, often an underestimated and misunderstood illness, can be frustrating to the point of feeling hopeless. All of that is why we strive to provide a safe place where one can feel comfortable to share and not feel judged. We encourage our members to support each other through kindness and compassion. We hope that perhaps you can find solace within our community.

This Phobia Chat Room, these phobia forums, and the phobia network offer you the opportunity to share your phobia symptoms with others.

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