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Health & Help Chat has taken this portion of the web site to devote to the serious sometimes deadly illness, as singer Karen Carpenter is proof of, of eating disorders. Although medical help is always recommended by this site, Health & Help Chat believes that peer support is an important part of the healing process. We welcome you here to use our Eating Disorders Chat Room, eating disorders forums, and eating disorders social network to connect with those around the globe who fight the same symptoms and pain of their own eating disorder as you.

Eating Disorders Chat Room

Symptoms such as, compulsive overeating, binge eating, bulimia, anorexia, and obsessive exercising all accompany different types of Eating Disorders. The vicious cycle of starvation, vomiting, laxatives, and eating until you are sick are also part of these painful illnesses. Health & Help Chat understands that there is a large population of people across the world that live in their own personal prison every day. Health & Help Chat realizes that you can either starve or eat yourself to death, and that intervention is the only way to save a life. Although Health & Help Chat advocates and encourages you to seek professional help, perhaps with therapy or an eating disorders clinic, we also harbor the philosophy that a strong peer support network can help you stay on the right path. That is why Health & Help Chat has created this Eating Disorders Chat Room, these eating disorders forums, and this eating disorders social network.

Estimates show that 8 million Americans, seven million of those women have some type of eating disorder. It has also been stated that eating disorders have the highest mortality number of any other mental illness, including depression. The key words in those statements are, "mortality," and, "mental illness." If you suffer from the likes of anorexia, bulimia, or obsessive overeating, you are unwell. Any illness can and should be treated. There is no reason for you to become a statistic when there is help out there. Unfortunately out of every ten people with an eating disorder only one seeks the professional help they need, and those that do are often under-treated or relapse. If you are that one in ten, please join here to encourage others to stick together with you on your path to a healthy life, and to help yourself through any relapses with strong peer support. A healthy and sturdy support system has been proven to help keep you going down the road into recovery. If you are one of the nine in ten who have not sought help, please enter our eating disorders peer support community. The philosophy of Health & Help Chat is that there is power in numbers. The hope for you is that with the confidence and caring of a community of your peers, you will find it inside of yourself to seek the medical help you need and deserve, while continuing to receive loving support at the same time. We encourage you to enter this eating disorders peer support community to meet, greet, share and support with others.

Health & Help Chat created this eating disorders page to offer peer support to those out there suffering from eating disorders. Please join this eating disorders peer support society, whether it is the Eating Disorders Chat Room, these eating disorders forums, the eating disorders social network, or all three, to connect with a world that can really understand the battle you face daily.

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