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Our Commitment to you is Paramount

Health & Help Chat started a long time ago as an idea, to fill a
spot where community support was needed.
A place where those afflicted by disorder -
Mental Health included - can find refuge and leave them
with a mutual understanding for those in similar situations.
Our philosophy about health is,
"Sometimes we need to break open our barriers,
in order to not need them anymore".
That just means we separate out issues,
so we can better understand them and find solutions which fit best.
Our commitment is that we don't believe in providing more than
you need, and actively seek ways to provide self coping strategies.
We believe in providing a service people need, and doing it well.
We will Always work with you!

Our Philosophy on Health

We believe that when you connect with others, offer support
and share good times, you can begin to start healing.
Though this isn't always the mood for fun, when you
connect with people in online peer support, your trauma
is validated instead of minimalized. As you write thoughts
down and give support, you recognize these issues are not
you, and they do not need to become you.
Even if you don't normally connect instantly with others,
but have the desire to talk with someone, there is
worldwide support here, with automatic translation,
General Interest, and quick or slow chat rooms to best fit you.
We've got chat rooms for every physical and mental health condition,
along with leisure. They have an automatic translate feature across
languages. There are forums to communicate, where you can
stay up to date with the latest health tips & coping mechanisms.
We also have a Social Media platform where you can track your
progress alongside others, share photos, keep a journal,
personal blog or online diary. Share memories, have access to
Help Resources you wouldn't otherwise. Also, the Learning Resources
allow you to learn Any new skills through your
own learning and communication styles!
We use the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence to bring you
the online therapy experience, without constraints of a normal therapist.
You will talk with them over the phone, in video chat, texting, and
typing on your computer or device
. They are open 24 hours a day
to chat with, and guide you along your journey with others.
In specific chat rooms, you will be introduced with others who share
your issues and interests, and those who can help you on your path.
Your personal bot will move you through rooms as you are ready,
as you meet new acquaintances, share your feelings anonymously,
stay connected, and start the healing process!
Whether you suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism &
alcohoic symptoms, we are here to help. Our lifeline outreach of the
crisis hotline helps those suffering mental breakdowns, symptoms of
anxiety, clinical depression, and more. It is important to watch out
for signs of depression and depression symptoms in our friends and
family. The Suicide Prevention Hotline is available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week, for your convenience. Suicide Hotlines are receiving
more frequent call volumes than ever before. Thoughts of suicide
and depression are happening more often with the additional stress
of COVID in 2022. If you would like to speak with a human
representative, the National Suicide Hotline Number
is available here.

Many are suffering from alcohol and opiate addictions, using
suboxone and naltrexone for symptom relief. If you or someone you
know is suffering through addiction, know there is always hope!

We have depression tests, anxiety tests, where we will look for
evidence of PTSD symptoms, and help you find out your triggers.
Looking for inspiration? Browse our health forums for
motivational depression quotes and anxiety quotes.