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Health & Help Chat has researched intently on what the American DSM IV refers to as gender identity disorder. In researching, it is obvious that people who suffer from gender identity issues are a very underserviced and important population. In order to address this, Health & Help Chat is quite pleased to offer this part of our network to you. Please enjoy our Gender Identity Disorder Chat Room, gender identity disorder forums, and the gender identity disorder social network.

Health & Help Chat understands that gender identity disorder can not only lead you to look in the mirror and not recognize who you are seeing, but it can also lead to anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and depression, which may unfortunately lead to suicide, to name a few. Perhaps you have gotten through the confusion, pain and possible rejection of gender identity disorder and have taken that first step and have begun living as the gender you feel you are as opposed to the gender you were born into. Please know that you are truly not alone. "...an estimated 1 in 30,000 adult males and 1 in 100,000 adult females seek gender reassignment surgery..."1

In a world populated by billions of people, the number worldwide who have been diagnosed with gender identity disorder is more common than many people think. Health & Help Chat also understands that similar to many disorders, gender identity disorder does not only affect the person who is going through it. Maybe you are married to a man or woman who just recently told you about their gender identity disorder that has been festering inside of them for years. Perhaps you are a loving parent in a quest of the understanding as to why your son or daughter is seeking to change their gender. "Gender identity disorder may manifest in children, adolescents or adults, and appears more frequently in males than in females." If you are a parent, congratulations to you for seeking out this page. It is important for you to know that, "...suicide is 5 times more likely for transsexuals."2 You have taken the first step to saving your child's life, just by being supportive, understanding and seeking to educate yourself into acceptance. If you are the spouse of a person with gender identity disorder, congratulations also on being here to figure out the best way to support the person that you love. We encourage you all to enter this gender identity disorder peer support community to meet, greet, share and support with others.

As either a parent or the individual living with gender identity disorder, or a person who has gone through the inevitable but difficult road and has finally become the gender they always felt they were, or someone who loves someone with gender identity disorder, you are all welcome here to be a source of comfort to each other. Please utilize our Gender Identity Disorder Chat Room, gender identity disorder forums, and this gender identity disorder social network to begin connecting with others around the world. Enter this gender identity disorder peer support community to gain the support, nurturing and guidance from a community of your peers.

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