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Health & Help Chat has allocated this portion of the web site to the idea of new friends supporting one another through epilepsy. In order to make these new allies, Health & Help Chat is offering you an Epilepsy Chat Room, epilepsy forums and an epilepsy social network.

Health & Help Chat knows that Epilepsy is a very real disorder which affects people of all genders and ages, and will generally strike either before the age of 2 or after the age of 65. This, however, does not rule out a seizure, perhaps a grand mal one, due to Epilepsy coming along at any time. Health & Help Chat understands that although there are thousands of people living active and very normal lives with Epilepsy, it is a disorder that does not disappear, and can hinder your ability to do every day things such as driving. Although as many as 70% of sufferers do enter a remission and no longer have to depend on medications to keep their seizures at bay, statistics state that, "10 percent of new patients fail to gain control of seizures despite optimal medical management."1 If you are someone who either lives with epilepsy or loves someone who does, Health & Help Chat is proud to offer to this epilepsy peer support chat room, epilepsy peer support forums and the epilepsy peer support social network where you can share in dialogue about the causes of epilepsy, the symptoms, signs, and perhaps the medication that worked for you. Please share with others your insight into how you finally stopped having seizures, how you were able to begin driving again; enter to help to calm the nervous parent whose child is one of the 45,000 new epilepsy diagnoses for children under the age of 15. If you have had epilepsy for some time and have learned how to live a full and active life with it, please enter to give and gain support with one of the 200,000 people who have been diagnosed in the last year. Please enter this portion of Health & Help Chat to begin meeting a community around the globe who also suffers from epilepsy.

The purpose of Health & Help Chat is to acquaint you with others dealing with the same daily trials as you are. Please utilize our web site to meet, greet, share and support with people from America, Canada, the UK, and around the world to give and receive the support everyone deserves. Please make use of the Epilepsy Chat Room, epilepsy forums, and the epilepsy social network today. We hope you have a positive experience with Health & Help Chat, and we welcome you here.

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